24 June 2018

The World Cup, nationalism, and authentocracy — An extract from Games Without Frontiers

In this edited extract from Games Without Frontiers, Joe Kennedy analyses the relationship between the World Cup, politics, nationalism and authentocracy. Games Without Frontiers (paperback + free ebook and free shipping to the UK) is currently half price as part of our World Cup sale.             “Sport is


14 June 2018

WORLD CUP SALE! 50% off our football and Russian history titles

The World Cup starts today ! ! Which means that for the next four weeks, football is going to be everywhere. Or as Joe Kennedy sums it up so well in his Games Without Frontiers: Football becomes unpleasantly ubiquitous during the World Cup… The unpleasantness is a consequence of ubiquity’s tendency


23 May 2018

Abortion Stigma — an extract from From a Whisper to a Shout

As the campaign in Ireland to Repeal the 8th reaches its climax, here’s a guide to some movements from the US that are combining feminist tactics, social media and political strategies to challenge abortion stigma.   Abortion Stigma: From a Whisper to a Shout Elizabeth Kissling This is an edited


14 May 2018

The Nine Yorkshirement of the Apocalypse—an extract from Authentocrats

An edited extract from Authentocrats by Joe Kennedy, out on 21st June from Repeater The Nine Yorkshiremen of the Apocalypse On the Friday evening before the June 2017 United Kingdom General Election, a special edition of the BBC’s political debate show Question Time was broadcast in which Theresa May, the leader of


01 May 2018

Get 50% off for May Day!

To celebrate May Day, we’re offering 50% off on some of our politics titles for today only! See all of the titles included below: Anti-Politics: On the Demonization of Ideology, Authority and the State Eliane Glaser Is the “death of politics” simply an inevitable sign of the times, going hand in


26 April 2018

Repeater catalogue, January-December 2018

Our new catalogue is out! Click the link below to view it online and browse the full list of this year’s titles, including upcoming books from Jim Dooley, Eugene Thacker, Alan Bradshaw and Linda Scott, Mark Fisher, Dawn Foster and more.